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Butt fusion automatic welding machine for thermoplastic sheets (in conformity with the D.V.S. 2207 standard) of 3mt maximum width, 54mm maximum thickness

The Marok MK3.3 butt-fusion welding machine welds thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PP, PVDF, PE by butt fusion. The machine follows the D.V.S. - 2208 standard and is able to weld by butt fusion in accordance with the D.V.S. - 2207 standard.

The sheets to be welded together can have a maximum width of 3 mt, with thickness ranging between 3 and 54 mm. There are no length restrictions and the two sheets may have different thickness.

The Marok MK3.3 can operate in three different ways:

You can change welding mode instantly; you only need to select it, and, only for angular weldings, use the included tools to put in place the sheets. The angular welding tools are very simple to place and to operate with.

A release device at the end of the machine makes for the easy fixing of large dimension sheets and tubes.

The welding machine is automatically operated by an industrial computer programmed to follows polyfusion principle, capable of estimate pressure, time and temperature according to the used material sheet. Thanks to LCD monitor, touch-screen technology and the high specialized control software, the system is very easy to use.

The ease of use of the computerized system makes possible, even for non-specialist operators, to plan and carry out all the working processes from the command console. Once the working cycle has been started up, the operator can carry out other tasks while waiting for the completion of the cycle.