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Technical Data

Automatic bilateral multi-bending machine for PMMA, PC, PVC and other thermoplastic plates.

The Marok PMFM bending machine is designed to make multiple bents on plastic sheets (PMMA, PC, PVC and others), with a maximum length of 3000 mm and thickness up to 20 mm. You can perform each type of bend, from L-shaped ones, up to closed hexagonal in an automatic manner. The sheets are heated bilaterally, without contact, with infrared rays.

Each bending angle may be set from 0° to 95°, with selectable curvature.

With PMFM you have only to choose the number of bents, the distance between them, each angle you want and the curvature you prefer. Thanks to the internal database, the machine remembers each job you program, so it's possibile to remade older bend-sequences, simply selecting it.

The PMFM bending machine bends thermoplasic sheet according to:

The heating elements are based on 6 infrared lamps, 3 in the upper bar, and 3 on the lower, to obtain bilateral heating without touching the material. You can select the temperature, the time of heating and the number of lamps to be used for each heating element. Thanks to the closed circuit cooling system, the machine heat the material only where needed; all this to obtain better bend.

Thanks to the special lifting device, the extraction of the bended sheet is simple, even for closed bended-sheet (such as exagonal or squared type).

The machine is automatically operated by an industrial computer programmed to follows perfect-bending principle. Thanks to LCD monitor, touch-screen technology and the high specialized control software, the system is very easy to use. All the options are available by touch and go technology.

The ease of use of the computerized system makes possible, even for non-specialist operators, to plan and carry out all the working processes from the command console. Once the working cycle has been started up, the operator can carry out other tasks while waiting for the end of the cycle.