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Sede MAROKMAROK was founded in 1951 by Mr. Giovanni Marini and Mr. Marcello Rocca (the name MAROK derives from the initials of the two founders). The specialization and the experience about welding thermoplastic materials made the MAROK a highly skilled firm. In 1966 both founders were officially recognized with the title of "Commendatori del Lavoro". From 1976 Mr. Franco Marini, son of one of the founders, has assumed the direction of the MAROK. Under his leadership, the range of products has been widened, carrying the company to further consolidate its role in the market segment.

Marok designs and manufactures a wide range of machine tools for working thermoplastics:

Marok also manufactures padded, customised envelopes and related sealing machines for money letters and valuables (this system replaces wax seals and has been authorized by the Italian Ministry of Postal Services).