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Technical Data

Industrial automatic welding machines destined to perfectly close previously filled bags made of polyethylene and other thermoplastic materials.

Thanks to the double welding bar (lower/upper) based on thermal impulse electronically controlled and to their robustness, efficency and speed, the UNINOVAR CS and UNINOVAR TS are the ideal machines for big production. The thermal impulse can be set in function of type and thickness of the material. Different working width are available (60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm).

The drive of the welding bars can be by means of a mechanical foot pedal (PM), or pneumatic (PN). In the PN version these machines permits the highest quality of the final product, thanks to the pneumatic close system, that assures perfect weld pressure and permits the regulation of the cooling stage.

The UNINOVAR TS version can be used, also, to manufacture polyethylene bags from a coil of tubular semifinished. Infact it is equipped with hand operated cutting slider and coil holder.