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Technical Data

Industrial automatic welding machines designed to perfectly weld, with thermal impulse, films in polyethylene or other thermoplastic materials.

The UNINOVAR APT machines are designed to make bags or covers in polyethylene or other thermoplastic materials, to seals materials or machinery, in order to protect them from dust or aggressive agents. Different working width are available (150cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm).

Thanks to their features the UNINOVAR APT machines permit perfect and durable welds.

The double welding bar (upper/lower) is based on thermal impulse, it is electronically controlled in function of type and thickness of the material to be welded and it is drived pneumatically by the means of a electrical foot pedal. The cooling time is regulated by an electronic timer.

The TS version The can be used, also, to manufacture polyethylene bags from a coil of tubular semifinished. Infact it is equipped with hand operated cutting slider.

UNI-NOVAR APT features

The machines should be approchead to a working table with standard height of 90cm (by request are available others) on which will be placed the plastic sheets.