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Examples of the processes

The Marok MK3.3 is a butt welding machine for thermoplastic sheets (using butt fusion tecnology) very appreciated from who uses it. The MK3.3 is a true multipurpose machine.

Sheets welding in horizontal position (welding on the flat).





Sheet welding in round position (circular welding , known as "ferrule" welding). In this manner a tube (cilinder) is obtained from a sheet. Minimum diameter 450 mm. The maximun diameter is unlimited.



Sheets welding in vertical position (welding at right angles). One sheet in horizontal position and the other one in vertical position. With this working mode is also possible made tubes with rectangular cross section (minimun 130 x 230 mm) o square cross section (minimum 320x320 mm).

In the following is illustrated the sequence of operations with which the Marok MK3.3 butt welding machine can build a tubolar section of rectangular or square section one from 4 flat sheets. This could be the construction of tank's perimetrical walls.

Operation 1: first corner welding.






Operation 2: second corner welding.






Operation 3: third corner welding.






Operation 4: fourth corner welding.





In the following is illustrated the sequence of operations to realize a series of successive angle weldings using the Marok MK3 butt welding machine. It is, for example, a typical working to manufacture tanks.

Operation 1: welding of bottom to front vertical wall.





Operation 2: welding of inner wall to bottom.






Operation 3: welding of bottom to second inner wall.





Operation 4: welding of the third vertical wall.






Operation 5: welding of the bottom to third vertical wall.





Operation 6: welding of the last back wall to bottom.